All About LoVe

Comida. Cocktails. Camping. And other LoVe stories. Dispatched from home and road by a fairly feral Gen-Xicana. I talk to plants.

LoVe Letters is a weekly-ish newsletter from Lola Venado—aka LoVe, aka The Botanical Bruja®—folk herbalist, cook, cocktail maker, writer, speaker, creative community gatherer. She believes story heals, plants are magik, and comida es medicina. When not traveling in her RV to the altars of desert, forest, river, and ocean, she’s cultivating connection to her desert home.


To be added soon. Working on not letting the neurodivergent + perimenopause + pandemic cocktail that is it-must-be-perfect, I-forgot-what-I-was-doing, and what-even-is-this-life get in the way of just starting the damn thing.

[Insert here: compelling narrative and life-improving benefits of subscribing in order to convince strangers to be a co-conspirator to my non-niche writing, book development, and related community projects; maybe they’ll buy me a virtual cuppa or happy hour house wine every month in exchange for my recipes, remedies, art, playlists, and other useful tips, served with a side of memoir and a healthy helping of personal essays examining hospitality, community, mixed-race culture, colonization, wellness, folk magic, outdoors, and RV travel from someone who must be very cool—or...something—to have coined Gen-Xicana (Generation X + Xicana).]

Hey, Siri. Remind me to add an awesome logo and cover photo.


I won’t bother you a lot. I don’t have time for that. I’m a very important person…at least to my chihuahua. The truth is, I can be forgetful. I often forget what day it is until a package arrives. Sometimes I forget to feed myself until I’m dizzy and hangry. So weekly-ish is keeping it real and gives us both something to look forward to. Thanks!

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After taking a hiatus from my main IG account, I realized I no longer want to invest quite so much of myself there. This Substack was born. I reactivated my account; you can find most of my previous photos, recipes, and essays there. If it’s set to Private, just knock three times and I’ll let you in.